Título:“Creating The Extraordinary out of the Ordinary”More than aligning teeth.

Dr. Pitts will show his non-extraction and extraction protocols for esthetic results.

He will show how he incorporates efficiency with excellence with his “Active Early” techniques.

Esthetic non-surgical treatment of Class III, and Class II cases will be demonstrated.

He will review his SAP (Smile Arc Protection) bracketing as well along with Retention techniques and the brand new revolutionary PITTS 21 PSL System with square wires and a .021x.021” progressive slot for total control.





B.A. University of Nevada, Reno 1958-1961

D.D.S. from the University of Pacific, Valedictorian 1965

M.S.D. & Certificate of Orthodontics from the University of Washington, 1970


Associate Clinical Professor of Orthodontics University of Pacific 1998-2017

Clinical Management & Practice Management Consultant – Pitts & Company, 1986-present

Clinical lectures globally with emphasis on orthodontic finishing and smile arc protection (in excess of 500)1988-present

Developed and published specific bracket placement guidelines

AAO National Meetings – lectured on clinical and practice management (4 times)

World Federation of Orthodontics 2010 – lectured on clinical orthodontic finishing

National Spanish Orthodontic Association 2008 – lectured on clinical orthodontic finishing

Teacher at Ormco Summit for Damon Instructors 2007 – 2012

South Korean Damon Forum (Keynote speaker)

Asian Damon Forum 2007 (Keynote speaker)

Japanese Damon Forum (Keynote speaker)

Spanish Damon Forum (Keynote speaker)

Italian Damon Forum (Keynote speaker)

European Damon Forum (Keynote speaker)

In-office orthodontic workshops 2006 – present (several)

Originator and President of Orthodontics Evolved – teaching clinical orthodontics and practice management

Leader of Pitts Master’s Continuum (4 session workshop over 12 months)

OC Orthodontics Pinnacle (Keynote speaker) 2015 – present

OC Orthodontics H4 Lecture (Thailand, Spain)

OC Orthodontics H4 Lecture UNAM (Mexico)

OrthoVOICE 2014

OC Orthodontics Pitts 21 Seminar (Worldwide) 2017 – present



Reno, Nevada February 1970-present

Anaheim, California 2009-2012

McMinnville, Oregon 2015-present

Developer of specific techniques to utilize self ligation 1988 – present



Active member of the American Association of Orthodontists

Active member of the Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists

Active member of the American Dental Association

Active member of the Northern Nevada Dental Society

Past-President of Northern Nevada Dental Society

Past Examiner for the Nevada State Dental Board of Examiners

Originator and director of International Pitts Progressive Study Group 1978 – present

Executive Clinical Director, OC Orthodontics



Ormco – Clinical Impressions

  • “Clinical and Practice Management for Efficiency”
  • “Begin with the End in Mind”

European Journal of Clinical Orthodontics (EJCO) 05.29.2014

  • “Begin with the End in Mind and Finish with Beauty”

Orthodontic Practice 09.06.2014

  • “A new table to guide bracket placement based on concept of Smile Arc Protection”

Journal of Clinical Orthodontics 03.01.2017

  • “Bracket Positioning for Smile Arc Protection”

The Protocol

  • Issue 1; “The 14 Keys to Pitts Case Management and Active Early Concepts”
  • Issue 2; “Active Early Principles”
  • Issue 3; “Active Early Concepts, Flipping & Flocking”
  • Issue 4; “Overcoming challenges in PSL with Active Early”
  • Issue 5; “The Esthetic Possibilities of the Pitts Broad Arch Form & Progressive Archwire Sequence”
  • Issue 6; “I.L.S.E: Immediate, Light, Short, Elastics with Disarticulation”
  • Issue 7; “You Can Have It All’
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