Hybrid aligner treatment in Class II malocclusions: can we become more efficient ?

Class II malocclusions represents one of most frequent malocclusions in which treatment with aligners can become challenging both for treatment time and for patient compliance needed in adults and teenagers Today the new challenge is to make Class II correction with aligners more efficient and effective. A game changer is represented by the Motion and minimotion appliance  which can represent a proper solution to make more effective the treatment strategy and also treatment duration and bring to a Class I platform cases with a smart procedure, before starting with aligners or in combination with aligners. This sagittal first philosophy allow the clinician and the patient to focus on compliance on wearing elastics for a limited amount of time. The presence of a clear option for adults and of a colored version for teen can make even more acceptable its use by patient itself.  Dr. Garino will share with the audience his experience in the use of both the Motion and Mini motion appliance in combination with the Invisalign system, aligner system that he use since 2001.



  • M.D. degree University of Torino
  • Ortho specialist Universiy of Padova
  • EBO certified (European Board of Orthodontics)
  • SIDO ordinary member
  • Member American Association of Orthodontics(AAO), European Society of Orthodontics(EOS), European Society of Lingual Orthodontics(ESLO), Fellow WFO
  • President elect European Aligner Society 2018-2019
  • Chief Dental Officer Winter Olympic Games Turin  2006
  • Author of more then 70 articles both on italian and foreign journals
  • Speaker in congress  in Europe, Middle East e USA
  • Clinical interest aimed toward self ligating systems, early treatments, digital technologies, treatments with aligners, intraoral scanners and 3D printing
  • Member of European Advisory board Align technology
  • Member International Steering board Align technology
  • Speaker Align technology since 2008


SPODF 2019